The children and my daughters are a wonderful source of inspiration and they brought me the idea of ​​Yapacha. Returning to childhood, rediscovering the everyday and natural pleasure of life by experimenting, discovering,  and reinventing a new world each day, this is the secret desire of Yapacha.


And what do we want to transmit to them? The shoes, that’s my contribution. Offer them a quality product for their first motor explorations, their first steps. These soft sole shoes contribute to the developpment of their musculature, their balance by offering them the feeling of walking barefoot. Toddlers should go barefoot as often as possible to encourage balance, posture and coordination. And thanks to their original design, Yapacha’s little magic shoes are easy to put on and stay at the feet of the little ones.


Ethical commitment 

Children challenge us in this changing world that inevitably involves changing our behaviour and reorienting our consumer choices. Who produces what? When? How many ? At what price ? Being aware of the origin of the raw materials, of the environmental and social conditions in which they were produced, is an essential commitment of Yapacha. I choose high quality soft and grain leather from organic farms in Germany. It is a vegetable tanned leather (tanned skins with plants, fruits, tree bark) with the labels Naturleder (certified without chromium) and ECARF (suitable for sensitive or allergic skin), thus respecting the health of children and our planet. Similarly, the fabrics used are organic cotton GOTS, Oekotex cotton or recycled. 


Each pair is made by me in my workshop with great attention, each pair of shoes is unique and tells a story, that of your child! 




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