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Soft Leather and vegetable tanning, Naturleder certificate and ECARF (without allergenic product ) care of the sensitive skin of your kid

Shoelace out of streching organic Cotton

The strech at the ankle allows a good and convenient support.

The pair of shoes is packed in a nice organic Cotton bag.

Handmade at the order. Please bear with us for 5 up to 10 days before shipment.

Advice for mesuring : Put the foot of your kid well flat on the piece of paper. Put a mark at the heel and the big toe. Then measure the length from hill to the big toe.

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The Yapacha soft-soled shoes are made in France by their designer. They are hand-crafted and made with a high quality leather, chrome-free, without heavy metals. They are certified Naturleder and Ecarf (allergy friendly ). Very soft, they are so cumfortable. Perfect for the first steps, they offer child the feeling to walking barefoot. These soft sole shoes are ideal for all explorations of babies and kids.

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Entretien des chaussons

Vous pouvez nettoyez les chaussons avec un linge humide, un savon doux ou du liniment. Avec le temps les chaussons se patinent, ce qui leur donne encore plus de charme

shoe care
You can clean the soft sole shoes with a damp cloth, mild soap or liniment. As time goes by, the shoes have a patina, which makes them even more beautiful.

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